Expert show "Runetology", issue 5

Published on May 22, 2009

Expert show "Runetology", issue 5

    Today at the Runetology studio, an expert on viral marketing is the general director of the Ksan Internet laboratory Roman Mandrik .

    Guest Interview:
    • Is there any use from the "School of His Cause" in building a business?
    • The history of the Xan.
    • What is cheaper viral marketing or traditional?
    • Want to create a viral marketing agency at home?
    • Games for real system administrators.
    • The difference in approach to viral marketing in Russia and in the West.
    • The components of success of a successful viral marketing company.
    • Is it possible to predict the success of viral advertising?
    Discussed events:
    • Microsoft Russia will elegantly lay off 9% of employees
    • One of the most ambitious projects of Runet was launched
    • Turishcheva wants to change the “internal Rambler” by moving
    • The head of Yandex Labs in the United States, Vish Mahidjani left Yandex for a startup
    • Train tickets can be printed online
    • Vkontakte launched a new search
    • Yandex has developed a new algorithm for identifying SEO links
    • The draft "network board of shame" rejected by State Duma deputies
    Debriefing: Analysis of the designer of social networks


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