Tax closed the largest online store in Ukraine,

Published on April 19, 2012

Tax closed the largest online store in Ukraine,


    The tax service of Ukraine has suspended the largest online store in Ukraine,

    Representatives of the tax came to the hosting provider Mirohost, on the servers of which Rosette is located, with the aim of seizing them. What caused the “raid” is still unknown.

    The store’s site also “lies”.

    We tried to contact the outlet management, but all the phones we know are “out of reach”.

    via Watcher , AIN

    UPD 14:25 ( Watcher ): limited liability company is accused of tax evasion in the amount of about 8 million hryvnia. A criminal case has been instituted against company officials in this regard, according to the tax police.

    According to current information, businessmen imported goods from abroad at low prices. This made it possible to obtain super-profits, which were translated into the “shadow” through the accounts of “fictitious” firms.

    As a result of these transactions, the state budget lost millions of taxes, and currency funds were illegally withdrawn abroad.

    Now investigative and operational actions are being carried out in the offices of the enterprise.