Invitation to an international study for gamers

Published on July 25, 2011

Invitation to an international study for gamers

    As always, the question arose of choosing a blog for the topic. This time I think that the “subconscious” fits better than ever (although if there were a “consciousness” blog, the post would be there).

    I publish it at the request of Voyskunsky A.E. Those who are somehow interested in the issues of human-computer interaction, Internet addiction from the point of view of psychology probably know this name. If you hear it for the first time, then I can say that this is the person who has been heading the Laboratory of Psychological Problems of Informatization for many years at the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University, and he is one of the founders of the study of human-computer interaction in our country (more in wiki ).

    This post is the message of a prominent Russian scientist to all gamers.

    We invite all domestic gamers to take part in an international survey of computer game players. The survey is conducted by specialists from the University of Maryland, the most prominent center in the USA for studying the specifics of human-computer interaction. The survey is designed for both active gamers and all those who play infrequently, from time to time. Everyone who speaks basic English can answer the questions.

    The questionnaire was originally distributed in the United States and other English-speaking countries; the activity of Russian-speaking (as well as Chinese-speaking and speakers of other languages) gamers can allow performing cross-cultural research on its basis .

    One thing to add here: Russians can be attributed specifically to the Caucasus, which means “whites”, and in no case not “Caucasians”. Russians (as well as citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) of any nationality, if they are not Negroes, not Chinese or Mongols, are Caucasian, i.e. representatives of the white race.

    Here is a link to participate in the study: The
    survey starts with the Browse Through arrow.
    The Go to Consent Form arrow is optional; it is designed primarily for American students.

    Heartfelt thanks to everyone who answers the questions!

    A.E. Voyskunsky
    Psychology Faculty of Moscow State University

    Testing suggests that you have to spend about 30 minutes on a game installed on your computer.

    On my own behalf, I ask you to help disseminate information on thematic communities. Thank you in advance!