Keyboard for blondes

Published on October 30, 2007

Keyboard for blondes

    It is not for me to judge whether this is true or not, but that blondes, or rather their mental abilities, have long been the subject of jokes and not only this is a fact. This also applies to computer literacy. I think many people remember the "dupe" - a picture of a keyboard for blondes . But the matter was not limited to pictures. The Russian company OLDI , pretty laughed at the entire staff, has released a product called “keyboard for blondes,” which brings to life folk Internet creativity.

    On the new keyboard, of course, pink, the designers renamed the keys. So, there is a "longest button" - a space. Instead of ESC, the word "No!" Flaunts. “New” names are given to almost all function buttons.

    It is unclear whether OLDI will release this keyboard in droves or whether it is done solely as a “neighing” and draw attention to itself in this way. But there is no information on the price nor on the date the new “device” has entered the market.

    via 3DNews