What to do on international backup day?

Published on March 31, 2012

What to do on international backup day?

    The answer to the question of what to do on the international backup day (which is celebrated on March 31, that is today), suggests itself - of course, backing up your data!

    Devote this day to thoughts (since today is Saturday - we will limit ourselves to thoughts, and things can be done on Monday) about installing and configuring backup systems, approve SLA to restore information in case of accidents, transfer fresh backups over the network to a neighboring office in case of fire. And if you still do not make a backup - then we are going to you time to do it!

    Under the cat, useful tips and a nice toy for backup day

    Helpful hints:

    • Use systems with backup search and file recovery from it. Otherwise, when you urgently need 1 file from the backup, you will have to wait for the full recovery of the entire system;
    • Combine physical and virtual backups. With a single solution for both environments, you can reduce costs, reduce the amount of data stored, speed recovery and simplify your life;
    • Use deduplication technologies for backups and archives, they can significantly reduce backup volumes, especially in virtual environments;
    • Do not store data indefinitely: Backups are needed for recovery, not long-term data storage. There are technologies that help determine what is worth storing and what can be removed;
    • Do not confuse backup with the archive, these are different systems, each of which performs its own function, but it is desirable that they be integrated and a general deduplication is carried out. The main principle - Backup for recovery, archiving for discovery - Backup for recovery, archive for search;
    • And the last: backup regularly on schedule! Who else does not do this - download
    trial versions of backup from Symantec for the home , for a small company or even various options for a large corporation.

    Make a backup, you will like it!

    And now we offer to combine the useful with the pleasant. By the day of backup we made an online game

    V-ray challenge

    You need to go through 4 levels from backup to protection and data recovery on a virtual machine. To create a backup in time, protect data and restore it, you need to at least see what data and threats are hidden inside the VM. V-Ray X-ray at your service. Now you need only a little knack. PLAY >>

    UPD1: a few hours after the publication of this post, in the TOP-10 rating of the winners of the game 4 lines were marked under the Russian flag. Hooray comrades! Give full Russification!

    UPD2: Habraeffect affected - we are in the lead!