Queries That Break the Bing Search Engine

Published on August 03, 2011

Queries That Break the Bing Search Engine

    Users report that for some queries, Bing produces something like a “blue screen of death.” The result looks something like this:

    In Google’s cache, you can find a ton of such unreadable Bing error messages. What it is?

    The reason is not entirely clear. One of the versions - this may be the result of anti-hacking activity by Microsoft to block automatic requests. The fact is that an error occurred on various requests, but managed to find a keyword that is present in almost all “buggy” requests - [ phpBB ]. The same keyword appears in automatic requests from bots looking for forums with unclosed phpBB vulnerability.

    Google has been pretty successful at filtering automatic requests, so bots now use Bing.

    However, the error due to the blocking of automatic queries is just an assumption.

    UPD. An additional check shows that an error occurs if you make a request like www.bing.com/search?q=phpbb ,not having bing cookies . That is, the search engine checks the cookies, and if they are missing, it produces such an error.

    Such a strange protection from bots (if it is).