Newspaper FOSS News # 1 (13) and January FOSS Fest in Odessa

Published on January 20, 2010

Newspaper FOSS News # 1 (13) and January FOSS Fest in Odessa

    imageThe first issue of the FOSS News newspaper (1 (13)) was published this year . Your attention is a detailed summary of international news, an overview of new versions of free / open programs, analysis of security problems, a report on the first Odessa FOSS Fest.
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    January 30 in the premises of the Odessa speleological club "SEARCH" at the address. Pioneer, 5v January FOSS Fest .

    Participants Cathedral from 17.00 . The event starts at 18.00.

    As part of the second FOSS Fest, we will continue to watch the Revolution OS film, its second part, which includes interviews that are not included in the main film: with Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, Brian Belendorf, Michael Timann, Larry Augustin and fragments of the conference LinuxWorld 1999.

    In addition, it is planned to discuss the following issues:
    1. Preparation of the February fest, which will be dedicated to the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the RootUA project.
    2. Discussion of the creation of a rating of people / projects contributing to the development of FOSS in Ukraine.
    3. Discussion of possible ways to popularize our fest among young people and employees of Odessa IT companies. Formation of an initiative group.
    4. Discussion of topics of reports of the following festivals

    Anyone wishing to make presentations / messages, send applications to

    Ticket price - 20 UAH.

    We invite to cooperation representatives of the media, as well as companies who are not indifferent to the fate of FOSS in Ukraine.

    All details about the event and registration of participants on the festival website: