Elusive Dial-up from .masterhost

Published on January 30, 2008

Elusive Dial-up from .masterhost

    A new opportunity for .masterhost customers is “Free Internet Access.”

    Thanks to the support of IAS, .masterhost customers have a new opportunity: Dial-up dial-up Internet access via a telephone line through a modem.

    On this occasion, a joke is recalled:

    A new deputy sheriff arrives in a town in the Wild West. The sheriff shows him the city:

    - Here is the saloon, here is the hotel ...

    Introduces the locals. Suddenly, at full gallop, a horseman flies into the main street - his face is masked, his hat is pulled over his eyes - and disappears behind the bend.

    - And who is this?
    “Never mind, this is elusive Joe.”
    - And why the elusive?
    - Yes, because no one needs him to fuck! ..