Distracted attention syndrome

Published on January 17, 2008

Distracted attention syndrome

    It so happened that we live in an age of rapidly advancing technology. We are surrounded by tons of information of various kinds. How to learn to filter it? How not to get lost in all this diversity. Almost everyone asked these questions for sure. And the answer was either vague, or everything rested on one thing - somehow and randomly.

    Recently, I began to acutely feel the problem of so-called distracted attention, i.e. you cannot concentrate on some important things, constantly jump from one topic to another, constantly looking for something interesting, you cannot plunge into work with your head. At first I thought that the Internet was to blame, but after trying not to use it for a couple of days, I realized that it was not only a matter of it - there were other “distracting” factors. Even when using the network, I notice how I’m jumping from one site to another, from one article to another, from one video to another - while not watching, not reading, not listening, etc.

    Denis Baluyev, the author of LifeHack.ru blog in his article “Syndrome of Broken Attention”, assessed this behavior .
    In this article, Denis relies mainly on medical factors such as heredity and the lack of specific substances in the human brain. Medication is suggested in combination with a psychological effect.

    Further interested in this problem on the Internet, I found several more articles and forums where people are invited to take various nootropic drugs (nootropil, phenotropil, phezam, etc.) in combination with biologically active food supplements a la Lecithin and vitamin E. There is an opinion that with long-term use, real shifts for the better begin. Also, sometimes there are "advisers" not to contaminate your body with various chemistry, but to look for problems in yourself and your head!

    Interesting is the opinion of habra-people on this issue. What did you do in this situation, if of course you noticed such a problem?