Software Freedom Day / Saratov

Published on September 18, 2009

Software Freedom Day / Saratov

    We invite everyone to the feast of freedom of software!

    Date: September 19, 2009
    Venue: Saratov, SSU im. N.G. Chernyshevsky, 12th educational building (Volskaya 10a, intersection with Beloglinskaya).
    Time: 10: 00-18: 00
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    Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software , held annually on the third Saturday of September at the initiative of the non-profit organization Software Freedom International. Volunteer teams around the world are organizing local Software Freedom Day celebrations to attract public attention.


    10:00 Meeting guests. Exhibition of distributing materials.
    10:30 Introduction. A story about the history of Software Freedom Day. Communication with participants.
    11:30 Break. Preparation for presentations and master classes.
    I block of reports and master classes.
    Report topics:
    12:00 - Practical experience. Solving issues with software licensing. (Yakov Popov)
    12:30 - Python - an overview of the main features. (Yu.A. Blinkov)
    13:00 - Organization of parallel computing using open source software. (V.A. Podchukaev)
    13:30 - The Russian-speaking community and the LoCo Ubuntu team. (Dmitry Agafonov)
    12:00 - Bluetooth + Linux + Phone. (Ekaterina Polyakova)
    13:00 - Building GUI applications using PyQt4. (Yu.A. Blinkov)
    14:00 - Break.
    II block of reports and master classes.
    Themes of reports:
    15:00 - Preparation of system administrators of Linux-systems. (V.M. Solovyov)
    15:30 - Fast development of web-applications using Django. (Leonid Shvechikov)
    16:00 - LiveCD - unlimited possibilities. (Ilya Zakharenkov)
    16:30 - OpenSIPS is a key component of SIP-based VoIP solutions. (Ivan Khvatov)
    15:00 - TrueCrypt. Secure data storage.
    16:00 - Rapid web application development using Django.
    5 p.m.The closing of the festival. Distribution of materials.

    Throughout the festival, an install-fest will be held in the lobby, where everyone can install Linux or free software for Windows on their laptop.

    ATTENTION! In the case of installing the Linux OS, take care in advance to save important information from the system partition of your laptop hard drive !!!

    Are you from another city or even country? Look here and here !