Subtext: communication on book pages

Published on October 26, 2011

Subtext: communication on book pages

    When you read an interesting book, you often want to discuss specific fragments of text with friends, just share with them, or at least keep some quotes for yourself. Unfortunately, in the case of a paper book, it is almost impossible to do, except to leave the marginal notes, but no one will read them anyway. Another thing is electronic books, if you screw a convenient "social" interface to them, it can turn out quite interesting. Subtext is another attempt to make a popular application of this kind.

    Subtext developers present the program as "communication on the pages of books." This method of communication may seem convenient for many people, because there is no place for a meaningless discussion, as in ordinary social networks.

    This particular program is unlikely to become widespread, because it works only under the iPad, but the idea of ​​joint discussion of the texts of books is interesting. It seems very promising especially in Russia - the most reading nation in the world. It is possible that we have a similar “social service”, if it is made cross-platform and truly convenient, it can become popular.

    The Subtext program has surfaced now that it became known that the venture investment developers have received $ 3 million. So investors, too, see some prospect in this business, well, or just invest in popular social topics, following the example of the notorious .