Germany generated 5.1 TWh of solar energy per month

Published on August 27, 2013

Germany generated 5.1 TWh of solar energy per month

    The world leader in solar energy production Germany has updated its own world record for generation volume in one month. During sunny July 2013, 5.1 terawatt-hours of electricity were received from the photocells. For comparison, in January, only 0.35 TWh were removed from the panels, but these differences are partially offset by wind stations, which provide more energy in winter than in summer.

    In just seven months from the beginning of the year, 19.4 TWh were received from the sun, and 24.2 TWh from wind stations. In total, these two sources almost caught up with the nuclear power generation volume, of which 9 remained in Germany .

    In the first seven months, 52.1 TWh were produced by nuclear power plants, and 43.6 TWh by alternative energy.

    Particularly, thanks to "green energy", Germany has been producing electricity for more than ten years for its own needs. It has been a net exporter of electricity since 2003, and in 2012 set a new export record - 22.8 TWh. In the first five months of 2013, the balance is also positive - 12 TWh.

    It should be added that in Germany there are approximately the same number of solar power plants installed as in all other countries of the world combined. Naturally, for this reason, Germany is among the countries with the most expensive electricity tariffs: up to 30 eurocents per 1 kWh.