Book How Do You Design. Handbook of 130 Design Process Charts

Published on March 31, 2009

Book How Do You Design. Handbook of 130 Design Process Charts

    Hugh Dubberly and the people at Dubberly Design Office have done a tremendous job of finding and processing theoretical descriptions of the design process. About 130 models compiled the content of their book How Do You Design. The book is written for educational purposes and is freely available on the authors website .

    Who recently read about the scheme from AIGA and was surprised by the gray colors instead of red - this is exactly from there. On my site, I separately translated and posted a couple of the most interesting schemes (including AIGA).

    Under the cut - a few more words about the book.

    So, the authors position their work as a reference. After reading everything, I thought that almost all the models described are in one way or another disclosed scheme of Coberg and Bagnell, 1972, given at the very beginning of the book.

    First, we break the situation or problem into parts for research (Analysis). Then we collect it on the basis of the resulting understanding of improvements (Synthesis).

    Of course, there are many interesting models, not necessarily related to this. About two of them I wrote before. I also liked the simplest 4D mnemonic rule (define, design, develop, deploy). Apple's jokes

    Finally, cyclical models, as a natural extension of everything previously defined.

    It is noteworthy that some models were not published anywhere, and the authors simply began to distribute them without asking permission from anyone.

    The book is now in a beta state. If you are interested, you can write to Dubberly, supplement or correct their work.