AppleInsider Podcast [14]

Published on June 22, 2011

AppleInsider Podcast [14]

    Hello readers Habrahabr! Fourteenth Edition.


    Evgeny Mosunov is the author of articles and translations on, as well as a person who makes it possible to watch Apple presentations in Russian.

    Oleg Svirgstin - Mustard writer, has healing properties (but does not share with anyone), SD director at one of the companies (associated with iOS), Mac since 1987.

    • Flash apps come to life on iOS
    • Facebook is preparing a weird app store
    • Charge your phone without taking it out of your pants
    • Android tablet makers flee ship
    • Apple can buy, sell, and buy everything again
    • Kaspersky Lab never ceases to amaze us
    • New PC view through iCloud
    • Why not Apple conquer Hollywood?
    • Hulu became the first to comply with Apple
    • Bow (the story of the jingle)
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