Anonymous's AnonPlus Social Network Hacked

Published on July 24, 2011

Anonymous's AnonPlus Social Network Hacked

    A few days ago, news appeared on Habré that Anonymous announced its own social network , where there is no censorship, but there is complete anonymity of the users of this social network. The project was launched some time after blocking the Anonymous account in most Google services. But now the Anonymous group, figuratively speaking, eats what it fed earlier than others: the social network AnonPlus is hacked.

    It is difficult to judge how well or poorly AnonPlus was protected, but two groups took responsibility for hacking: TURKIYE and AKINCILAR. And it seems that after one hack, another immediately followed. In any case, at the time of writing the news on the main page of this social media there is a portrait of the head of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and a notification that the hacking was carried out by Th3 Pr0 & SaQeR SyRia.

    It may well be that Anonymous did not really care about protecting its own project from crackers. One can even assume that all these hacks are the work of Anonymous themselves, who are trying to draw attention to their project (but somehow this is unlikely, yet black PR in this case is not entirely appropriate, what do you think?). In any case, Anonymous now found themselves in a rather curious situation, which clearly drops the prestige of the group.

    In general, due to the Anonymous project, other hacker groups, about which few have heard before, are now in full swing. Well, now Anonymous will have to defend themselves from ill-wishers in their own environment? It seems like that. I wonder if the social network AnonPlus will work after this hack? Obviously, the other “colleagues” of Anonymous will not stop there, other hackers, both single and their groups, will also want to distinguish themselves.

    Via Dvice