Yandex has updated mobile mail for Android

Published on April 11, 2011

Yandex has updated mobile mail for Android

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We have released Yandex mobile mail update for Android phones. The application has changed and the interface has become more convenient. Just one click separates users from the contact list, profile settings and chat with interlocutors from Yandex, GTalk and other Jabber networks. In the mail, it became possible to group letters by subject - this makes working with correspondence easier. In addition, the application has become even more stable and more economical in consuming the phone’s battery.

Compare the design of the "old" and "new" Mail:


Download and update from your mobile at or using the QR code

During the existence of mobile mail for OS Android, the application was downloaded only from the Android Market more than 67,000 times .

Mobile Yandex.Mail Team