Leopard Dock with Black Triangle

Published on November 29, 2008

Leopard Dock with Black Triangle

Original author: SilverMac
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I am sure that there are a small number of people who like the three-dimensional dock in Leopard, but who cannot bear the luminous dot indicating the running application. I am also sure that a small number of users will be happy to see the return of the black triangular indicator in the dock.


This is possible and, in fact, very easy. Ready to dive in on Mac OS X?

First you need triangles. Download indicators.zip and unzip it to your desktop. Files to be used:
  • indicator_large.png (42 x 14 pixel)
  • indicator_medium.png (32 x 11 pixel)
  • indicator_small.png (14 x 8 pixel)

Why three? As you will later notice, unlike previous versions of OS X, the size of the indicator in Leopard changes with the size of the dock. You can try using the average size for all three if you do not want their size to change. Decide for yourself. Or you can make your own indicators. Just make sure that the image sizes and file names remain the same, and make the background transparent.

Disclaimer: From now on, all risks are yours. Logging in as root gives you complete control over any file on your Mac. If you do not know what you are doing, you can cause serious damage to your files and provoke a system fubar .

SilverMac accepts no responsibility for damage that you or anyone else working on your computer can cause by following these instructions.

Agree to continue at your own peril and risk? If so, read on.

Close all applications and log out. Then log in as Administrator (root).

Go to the folder /Users/<ваше_имя_пользователя>/Desktop. Take the indicator files and transfer them to the root user's desktop. In Finder, select your hard drive (usually Macintosh HD) and navigate to the folder /System/Library/CoreServices:


Right-click on the Dock and select “Show package contents”. (If you do not have this menu item, then you need to install Developer Tools ). Choose Contents/Resources/.

Here you will find the original indicator files. Just in case, give them some other name. For example original_indicator_small.png.

Now copy your three indicator files to this folder. Reload the dock ( Ctrl + Option + Right-click -> Relaunch ). If you have running applications, you may need to close and open them again to update the indicator. Enjoy it!


I am not a programmer and have not written a single script in my life, but I am sure that this is easy to do. So if someone who has enough abilities knows how to do this, then why not.