Google launched Talk Guru chatbot

Published on March 30, 2011

Google launched Talk Guru chatbot

    Google Labs has released a new experimental service called Google Talk Guru . In fact, this is a regular chat bot that can process a limited list of commands and respond to them.

    Chatting is easy, you just need to add to Google Talk .

    In the welcome message you will see a list of available commands:

    Hello! Please enter a query. The following topics are supported: score, weather, define, translate, web. Enter 'help' to learn more, ie 'help score'.

    Of all the teams, weather, define, a calculator, and a currency converter work well.


    By score, I could not achieve results other than those proposed in help Arsenal. The web request seemed strange and inconvenient for the chat bot, it was very truncated and uninformative. Translate to Russian does not translate.

    In general, the bot responds very quickly, but the convenience of its use for me is still in doubt.