Speeding up layouts - may Notepad ++ help

Published on March 26, 2009

Speeding up layouts - may Notepad ++ help

    I’ve been installing Notepad ++ for quite some time now , I tried other editors - it didn’t grow together. The main reason I liked this editor before was code highlighting. Saw. that there are many settings, but there was no need to understand them - after all, everything works fine.

    The situation changed when the amount of work grew, and I physically did not have time to typeset what I should be doing. Of course, there are html and css blanks, but copying them is a dubious gain in time. Working on FTP through Total Commander is also not very convenient - there are a lot of extra gestures.

    And so I decided to spend time setting up my beloved Notepad ++, I heard somewhere that it is flexibly configured :)

    (The description is more likely for those developers who are not aware of all the charms of Notepad ++, those who know may not read further).

    Probably worth starting with the installation (highlighted - profile installation in Program Files - highly recommend):


    First of all, I decided to deal with FTP - I saw a button for a long time, but it didn’t work. Everything turned out just like a felt boot - you drive in, save and work with files directly on the server - an awesome time saving.

    And, strangely enough, many colleagues have been using this editor for a long time and do not use the built-in FTP client. It is very convenient, believe me!


    If I have been using the FTP client for a long time, then I turned my attention to macros quite recently, and when I realized their strength, the speed of work increased significantly!

    A short video showing how macros work:

    If someone is interested in macros - I share what I have. By the way, macros began to work correctly only in the latest version of Notepad ++.

    And literally today, after updating Notepad ++, I noticed a function that I really missed - auto-closing tags. Now you can certainly work comfortably :)

    There are still many different lotions, I have not yet figured out the rest, maybe I won’t. If someone else knows something else interesting about Notepad ++ - share it ...

    UPD: I almost never use Notepad ++, switched to Netbeans, about which there is a post on the hub and in the abstract .