2009 Interactive fiction Competition Games

Published on October 05, 2009

2009 Interactive fiction Competition Games

    About games

    In connection with the Interactve fiction Competition 2009, I present an interesting genre of computer games - text adventures in the tradition of Infocom. These games differ from the interactive literature in that for the most part they do not use the menu. That is, to determine what is currently necessary to do, the player must write a line in English. At the same time, the level of English is medium-above average. This is the second effect (the first rest) - to maintain your English level.

    Game example

    I made a selection where the player enters text.

    Comment. The player is in the laboratory. Among other things, he sees a wardrobe. It turns out the wardrobe can be used as an elevator. Rises to the apartment ...

    To play

    Here you can play games directly in the Bowser. There are options for JavaScript and JavaApplet. An interestingly resolved issue of saves to the SAVE team is the following: this means that it is really possible to save.

    Your game has been saved to the URL. You may want to bookmark this page now; just reload it at any time to restore your game from this point.


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