Screencasts on Ruby, Android, Autocad, etc. on

Published on June 11, 2012

Screencasts on Ruby, Android, Autocad, etc. on

    A few months ago, I launched a series of screencasts called "Learn to program in Ruby." During this time, I managed to record about 35 issues and continue to do so. But the world didn’t converge on Ruby, right? There are a huge number of other interesting topics that can be highlighted in screencasts.

    I present to you hasBrains - a project in which several authors prepare screencasts on various topics. In particular, today we have already opened sections on Android development (leading Eugene Naku) and designing in Autocad (leading Anton Vinogradov). And of course , Ruby screencasts haven’t gone anywhere (tomorrow a new release, by the way!) In the near future, we plan to open new sections.

    Well, in addition, for convenience, the site has a small version of Q / A: for each screencast or for each section, you can ask questions and get answers, much like StackOverflow (I thought this was a better solution than banal unstructured comments).

    Online education is gaining momentum and becoming available to anyone who sincerely wants to learn something. I hope our efforts will contribute to this process. If you want to become an author of screencasts on any topic and join the project - write to us, the address is listed on the site.