ReactOS, are you getting in touch again?

Published on August 02, 2012

ReactOS, are you getting in touch again?


    Seliger, Zvorykinsky Prize and President

    This year, Rechitsky Alexander and Marat Karatov again went to Seliger to represent the interests of the project there. The good news is that this time the project successfully passed the technological expertise, entered the third round of the Zvorykinsky Prize and is currently ranked 3rd in the rating for the best IT project (although the information on the prize’s website has not yet been updated). It seemed that this was the result of a visit to the shift “Innovation and technical creativity”, but ...

    image news came just a few days ago. The shift winners were invited to meet with the President of Russia, who arrived at Seliger. Alas, alas, the vacation has already ended, so the question of who will go again did not even stand - Marat has the greatest experience in this matter. Alexey Bragin was going to go with him, but he didn’t get there, because I didn’t have time to return so quickly and unexpectedly from abroad (the trip, by the way, was associated with negotiations with potential customers, but the details will come later).

    Despite all the difficulties, of which there were many, Marat coped brilliantly, and he managed to personally communicate with Vladimir Vladimirovich and briefly acquaint him with our latest achievements.

    Updated ATA device controller drivers

    Recently, Alter , the author of the universal driver for hard disk controllers - Uniata , has been actively cooperating with the developers of our project, which has had a very fruitful effect on the results. All changes made in the driver code by ReactOS programmers were agreed with the author of Uniata and made to the main tree by him. This allows us to no longer patch the source driver with our previous patches and spend time on it (sometimes accidentally introducing new errors), but focus on further development.

    The new version of Uniata has a cardinal innovation (in addition to fixing many errors, and a related fix in the scsiport.sys driver, due to which many controllers were not detected) - this is AHCI support. This is a very recent change (revision 57018 ), allowing sata devices to work in native mode. Support for NCQ, HotPlug, SATA2, SATA3 is just around the corner! Therefore, everyone is invited to test.

    It was also decided to add the atactl utility (this is a console utility for managing ATA controllers and devices connected to them) in the main development tree of the operating system.

    Yonescu Returns and Improves Memory Manager

    Alex Yonescu finally truly returned, and set to work. Its short-term goal is to correct errors in the work of the memory manager in the kernel (which should bring stability and fix many regressions that arose as a result of active work on the memory manager). In the future, he plans to add other modules (for example, csrss)

    Partnership with 3rd party

    So the moment has come when a joint investigation of bugs leads to the appearance of entries not only in the ReactOS changelog, but also in the lists of changes of third-party software.

    A good example is Total Commander: - a bug report thanks to which ReactOS can be found by searching the files using the links given below:

    First contract

    Signed the first contract with payto develop. The first “lucky guy” was Edijs Kolesnikovics from Lithuania. He joined our team not so long ago and worked intensively with Amine Khaldi and Olaf Siejka to create an automated application testing system in ReactOS. This system is created on the basis of AutoHotKey (AHK) - a tool for “playing” a pre-recorded sequence of keyboard and mouse actions in order to automate the execution of programs in Windows. Despite the fact that an existing testing system (based specifically on a set of various synthetic tests) helps to identify various problems pretty well, the most important thing for the end user in the entire operating system is how various applications work in it. Therefore, Edijs decided to pay special attention to this, to automate this process,

    The main framework has already been done, the essence of the contract is to develop as many scripts for applications as possible over a given period of time. The minimum result is support testing for the entire set of programs from the Golden List . The price of the first contract for a number of reasons is symbolic and amounts to 168 euros for 84 working hours (i.e. a little less than 2 euros per hour). It remains to say thanks to Edijs for not asking for a higher payment, but indicating exactly that minimum which we are willing to pay (in general, we do not plan to pay for work at a rate of less than 2 euros per hour).

    Fundraising Campaign Continues

    The Edijs Kolesnikovics contract will be paid for thanks to the latest, largest in the history of ReactOS fundraising campaign .

    Almost $ 7,000 of the required $ 30,000 has been raised to date. You can donate money in a dozen different ways, and our project will be glad to any even the most modest amounts.