Yandex will divide 5 million rubles between 31 scientists

Published on January 18, 2007

Yandex will divide 5 million rubles between 31 scientists

    Yandex has published a list of winners of the Internet Mathematics 2007 contest. The company will allocate 31 grants for semi-annual research projects from a total fund of 5 million rubles. It is reported that a total of 156 applications came to the competition.

    Winning applicants will conduct research, for example, in the field of “Searching for portrait images by content”, “Organizing searches in text collections in Russian in the 18th century,” “Using decomposition based on substrings when constructing indexes for searching by similarity”. During the study, they will be provided with access to unique sets of real company data.

    Yandex notes that the contest "Internet Mathematics" is held for the second time. Its main goal is to stimulate research in the field of information retrieval and related disciplines.

    The winners of the competition will submit a report on the research by July 1, 2007. As before, the texts of all works will be posted in the public domain.