UI controls in Russian

Published on May 23, 2014

UI controls in Russian

    So that Boomburum does not grieve about the half- emptyness of the hub, I will publish here this collection of Russian names of graphic controls (widgets) that we use in our and other people's applications. Moreover, such a cheat sheet in any case, I’m sure, will not hurt: it happens that at the most inopportune moment the right word from the head flies out.

    Many terms may seem banal and obvious, but there are those for which I have not found sound, suitable translations (for example, grid, toggle button, extender). T.ch. everyone is invited to comment for additions, corrections, thoughts.

    But who needs this at all?
    Не будем вдаваться в лингвистические дискуссии. Нам здесь важно лишь то, что некоторым из нас приходится составлять руководства пользователей, договора, закупочную или конкурсную документацию (в т.ч. иногда с учётом требований ГОСТ-ов или других регламентов). Программистам между собой проще и надёжнее разговаривать на рунглише, но есть юристы, ПЭО и прочие делопроизводители, участвующие в согласовании этой документации. Есть определённые правила (писанные и не особо) в праве. Т.ч. деградация русскому в ИТ пока не светит ((:

    Some vendors may have their own unique terms. But I gathered the most basic ones here (excuse me for the lack of pictures in some of the controls):
    Pic English Russian Remarks


      Breadcrumbs bread crumbs  
      Context menu context menu  
    Radial / pie menu circular menu  

    Data grouping 

    Accordion accordion  
    Carousel scrolling images (and text?) special case Slideshow 
      Grid grid, grid ?, table? but there is another table - Spreadsheet
      Slideshow slide show, picture twister, slide show,
    image scrolling
    see also Carousel
      Tree list / view tree hierarchical list  
    Tile tile  


      Check box list jackdaws flags  
      Combo box / Drop down list drop down / drop down list  
      List box [simple | linear] list  
      Radio button list switches  


      Flyout popup element apparently as a synonym for popup
      Popup window pop-up window  
      Tooltip [tooltip] tooltip  

    The edges

      Border frame  
      Frame frame  
      Scroll bar scroll bar  
      Separator separator between menu items for example
      Splitter separator between two adjacent panels


      Busy indicator employment indicator  
      Progress bar progress indicator  
      Status bar status bar  


      Cursor cursor  
      Pointer pointer  


    Ribbon tape (sic!)  
      Toolbar toolbar  


      Button button  
      Check box daw checkbox  
      Radio button switch  
    Toggle button [on-off] switch,
    drop-down button


    Slider slider  
    Spinner / numeric up and down twist?  
    Timeline timeline  

    Data input

      Autocomplete auto help  
      Masked input input field with filter  
    Rich text formatted text  
      Text box / input entry field  
      Captcha captcha? protection against robots? antibot?  


    Canvas canvas, canvas  
      Chart diagram  
    Color picker palette  
      Icon icon, pictogram, icon  


      Date / Time picker the calendar  
    Dock panel docking panel?  
      Draggable element draggable item  
    Expander expander? expander? Option 2 looks like an "expander"
    Gauge meter (pressure gauge, speedometer, fallometer), measuring instrument  
      Label the inscription  
    Spreadsheet spreadsheet it is not just a grid anymore, but something like MS Excel
      Tab tab, bookmark  
      Upload file file upload  
      Wizard master  

    PS: Finally I want to wish the torments of hell for those who do not Paging translates as "paged out" or, at worst, "Paging" and " wa pagination," forgive me, Lord. )))