pro 3.0.1 from Infra-Resource

Published on February 13, 2009 pro 3.0.1 from Infra-Resource

    The long-awaited official announcement finally appeared on the Infra-Resource website : pro 3.0.1, created on the basis of, the GNU LGPL license, is available for free download and use.

    The assembly was performed for Windows, GNU / Linux i386 and x86-64 platforms in the packages .DEB, .RPM and Generic, FreeBSD 7.1 and systems.

    1. If the installation is performed without administrator rights, the office will be installed with incomplete functionality: Java Runtime Environment and desktop integration will not be installed. Therefore, it is worth installing under the root, if there is such an opportunity.

    2. For checking grammar in usually put extension Language Tool. For 3.0.1, the Language Tool extension version 0.9.6 is released. It is recommended to install it, as the authors promise better integration with the office, a new Russian dictionary and work on bugs. Those who hastened to install LLC 3.0.1 with the Language Tool of the previous version already installed will have to uninstall LLC 3.0.1, then install LLC 3.0.0 and remove the old Language Tool. In the new version of LLC, this will not work. Then remove LLC 3.0.0 and install LLC 3.0.1 and Language Tool 0.9.6. After that, grammar checking works fine in LLC 3.0.1.

    Enjoy your work with the new office, friends!