Intel Animation Initiative

Published on August 18, 2008

Intel Animation Initiative

    Intel, in the framework of The Mass Animation Project, decided to attract young animators for the "filming" of a short cartoon. Under the leadership of former deputy director of Sony Pictures Entertainment and president of Sony Pictures Digital, Yair Landau, artists will be able to create small five-minute excerpts from which the cartoon will subsequently be “assembled”.

    Acceptance of applications for participation in the project will begin this fall. As a platform for communication, the Facebook service was chosen, within which Intel launches a page where artists can first leave a request and download Autodesk Maya Unlimited, in which they will create their mini-works.

    In the future, the gluing of the cartoon into a single unit will be done by Reel FX Entertainment .

    Not bad guys decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Autodesk Maya . I hope that something sensible will come out of this initiative.

    via the Inquirer