DevConf :: Go - June 17 in Skolkovo, an exclusive master class on Go June 18 in TASS

Published on June 10, 2016

DevConf :: Go - June 17 in Skolkovo, an exclusive master class on Go June 18 in TASS

    Every year, new development leaders appear on DevConf - this year there were many interesting applications for Go , where developers are ready to tell how they use Go in production. Interested in Go? Join the Go community on

    First report " Prometheus monitoring from the heart "represents Eugene Pak - a developer with 10 years of experience, Senior Developer Go of Lazada. He will tell about the experience of moving to Prometheus, and why he was chosen, about the migration process and how the infrastructure for collecting Go application metrics is organized. He will talk about the intricacies of calculating quantiles both on the client side (type of metrics Summary) and on the server side (type of metrics Histogram). You will also learn about the nuances that were encountered when working with Grafana, and how they were decided.

    To learn how to prepare Go to mikroservis prodakshenuwill tell Vadim Madison. A report on what is considered a microservice ready for production. How a microservice should be implemented, what functionality it should provide in order to consider a service reliable, transparent for support and monitoring. Using the example of a Go microservice, a list of the required functionality will be given and the main approaches to the development, deployment and support of microservices will be described.

    How can I write a highload application in a (not?) Suitable language and about Golang in action there will be a report from Daniil Podolsky.

    Alexey Solomonov will talk about mailing ~ 20K letters per minute using Go + SMTP + RabbitMQ = PostmanQ. Alexey Akulovich, Backend developer of VKontakte, will tell

    about audio fingerprints for indexing all VKontakte music . He will talk about the technical aspects of the implementation of the system of audio imprints being introduced now.

    Go fans will be interested in an exclusive master class from Go masters - Daniil Podolsky and Alexander Chistyakov

    Writing a web application in the Golang language Let's
    talk about how to make a web service in the Golang language:
    • We show how to work with long connections / web sockets
    • How to organize the collection and output of application statistics
    • How to profile an application
    • How to organize assembly and deployment
    • We will organize load testing and see what our application is capable of.

    Registration for the masterclass on June 18

    For those who lack Go functionality - after the conference visitors will receive a report " Rust Programming Language " by Shramko Anton

    After that - a tandem from Pentestit hackers - attack vs defense
    " Modern Practical Attacks of Web Applications " by Luke Safonov, technical Director of Pentestit.
    " Protection of web applications from modern hacker attacks " by Romanov Roman.

    Partners in 2016 were: TASS, VKontakte, Badoo, Postgres Professional, Selectel, NetCat, ElbuzGroup, ItSoft, Reg.RU,,, CMSMagazine,, IT-Summa, Ti-me .ru,,, Sesmik CMS,

    Over 90 reports - 9 threads:

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