VKontakte blocks reckless users

Published on April 01, 2011

VKontakte blocks reckless users

    Today on VKontakte I receive a spam message from a person sitting in the next room, i.e. brother. What I recommend to him is to change his password to a more complex one. He shrugged, changed his password and went on to breed his farms. But after a few minutes I hear screams that he was blocked.

    This, of course, caused a smile, because it is usually a result or an attempt to break. But it’s not so simple. An antivirus is installed on the computer, the hosts file is clean as a virgin at the gate of the valhalla and the most interesting: under my account I can log in to this computer, but the victim of hacking is not. On the brother’s account, here’s such an alert:

    Agree, it’s somehow illogical to block a person who was found to be spam for the first time. Or is it not a measure of administration, but still a catch?

    UPD: moved to "I resent." Well, let it be so, although I’m like a villain and I’m not indignant, on the contrary I’m good! Minor will discover a lot of useful things in life for the period of blocking, and in the future will set a more complex password.

    PS [sarcasm] I Draw up a topic in the spirit Alizar by removing the specifics with him and his brother, and diluting it all many people are complaining topic would probably have had success [/ sarcasm]!

    UPD: But here there is an explanation of the situation. The conclusion suggests itself - to make the user take care of their security well, but maybe it is worth taking care of the vulnerability of user accounts?