E-ticket paces the country

Published on December 20, 2007

E-ticket paces the country

    AircraftThe Russian Union of Travel Industry ( PCT ) on Monday accepted ChronoPay, an e-commerce system development company, into its ranks . Thus, an influential industry association expressed its keen interest in the speedy development of electronic payments in the tourism business.

    ChronoPay loudly announced itself in September, when it proposed the first Russian platform for booking airline tickets via the Internet E-Avia. The company plans to provide methodological and technological support to PCT participants in organizing secure online payments for electronic airline tickets, hotel rooms and other services.

    According to the head of the E-Avia project Igor Zvorykin, “Russia as a whole already has the necessary infrastructure for the massive development of online sales of transport and travel services. In most large and medium-sized settlements, there is affordable broadband internet. Russia already occupies the third place in Europe in the number of Web users (more than 25 million people). At the same time, plastic bank cards were widely used. This year, the number of bank cards issued in Russia exceeded 80 million. ”

    ChronoPay competes in the e-ticketing system market with TAIS and its TravelShop platform .