New Practical Windows Phone 8 Tutorial

Published on February 26, 2013

New Practical Windows Phone 8 Tutorial

    It's always nice to share good news. And this morning I just want to start with the good news.

    A new practical training course on Windows Phone 8 in Russian is available. For the impatient - immediately link to the course homepage: .

    This course assumes that you are already familiar with Windows Phone development. If this is not the case, you can start with a course on Windows Phone 7.5 or a book .

    A course is a set of hands-on work with walkthroughs and accessible source code examples. The examples selected are quite vivid, covering the key new products that the Windows Phone 8 platform provides to the developer.

    Migrating from Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8
    In this example, you can learn the basic techniques for transferring applications from Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8, using the popular Cookbook as an example.

    File and protocol mapping
    One of the new interesting features of Windows Phone 8 is the association of file and protocol extensions with the application. It allows, for example, to open mail attachments with your application or to receive data from another application using the protocol.

    New types of live tiles are one of the first features of Windows Phone 8 that everyone has learned about. Here, as an example, you can figure out how to work with different sizes and types of living tiles.

    Purchases within the application are one of the most requested features. With this example, you can figure out how to implement and debug in-app purchases.

    Lock screen wallpaper
    My favorite feature of Windows Phone 8. The ability of an application to set and update lock screen wallpaper. It opens up the widest possibilities for user interaction.

    Voice commands
    Windows Phone 8 has a fairly powerful voice command subsystem that supports Russian. You, as a developer, can take this opportunity and integrate voice command support into your application.

    Wallet The
    ability to store your cards, including discount cards, add coupons, etc.

    Running Tracker
    Ta Dam! An application working with GPS in the background. Now you can not leave the application running under the lock screen. It supports reading and working with GPS even when the user does not see the application.

    And, of course, by popular demand, we made it possible to download the entire course at once in one archive:

    Interesting training and development!

    And a bonus - a survey inspired by the comments on the post.

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