“The plastic world won” ©, or Saturday night with the 3Dali 3D pen

Published on April 04, 2015

“The plastic world won” ©, or Saturday night with the 3Dali 3D pen

    Kind hearts in our non-blocky team warned me that if in 2015, in April I would write a review of the next 3D pen, I would look something like this:

    Nevertheless, inside the small review of 3Dali is a simple and understandable 3D pen.

    The pen comes in a box illustrated with an elephant from The Temptation of St. Anthony and is equipped with a very simple instruction in Russian, an adapter and three faded three-meter-long coils of plastic with a diameter of 1, 75 mm.

    Plastic is consumed quite quickly, and therefore it’s logical to immediately do as I do: get an extra set. They entrusted me with a box, which included 12 multi-colored skeins. For comparison: inside is “basic”, outside is “optional”.

    The pen itself is a device of a characteristic shape and can be offered in several colors: gray, blue, yellow or mine, orange with the usual characteristics:

    What is written on the box:

    • Power Supply: 12B 3A
    • Plastic Diameter: 1, 75 mm
    • Nozzle diameter: 0, 4/0, 7 (do not tick)
    • Weight: 62 gr.

    It is supplemented in the Russian-language instruction:

    • Feed rate: adjustable
    • Heating temperature: adjustable from 160 to 250 degrees



    What is written on the adapter:

    • Input: 100-200 V 50-60 Hz
    • Output: 12V

    The cord length is 110 cm.

    The rest of the instructions space is just a step-by-step guide and decryption of buttons. But the way the funny phrase met: “Temperature adjustment: Open the rubber plug located on the handle and with the help of a Phillips screwdriver <...>”

    So, as this phrase met, I decided to double-check, just in case, everything else matches what is indicated in the manual.

    The first indicator lights up as soon as you connect the adapter. Then you click on the “Plastic feed” button, and the second indicator starts to glow red - it is heating. After it changes to "Green" you can stick.

    What to stick is obvious.

    When you finish the work, remove the plastic, let the pen cool down for two or three minutes - that's all.

    It freezes almost instantly, but for a while, if the handle is not disconnected from the network, it crawls a little more. If within a few minutes you stop using the device, it switches to standby mode and you need to call it to work again by clicking on “Plastic Supply” and wait for the green signal.

    So in my view our logo looks like?

    I’ll add what cannot be conveyed in the photo and video: the pen heats up, it’s better not to tackle the black part. The pen smells, of course.

    You can listen to the soundtrack in a short video:

    I thank you for your attention, have a nice weekend!

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