Skip to an interesting lecture for the best topic

Published on September 22, 2008

Skip to an interesting lecture for the best topic

    The Federal User Encouragement Program, together with RMA, again gives the author the best topic to attend one of the most interesting lectures at the State University of Management. This time, Fedor Virin, Director of Research at, will speak to the audience . The lecture “User Generated Content (UGC): management and use of business” will be held on December 16 from 18:20 to 21:30 in Moscow at the State University of Management. To get to the lecture, you need to write an interesting topic and score the maximum number of points according to the results of the week. The rules are the same:

    - the award is received by the user whose topic was the best according to the results of seven days: from 12:00 on 12/08/08 to 12:00 on 12/15/08;
    - only regular topics, topics-translations and podcasts participate in the program (that is, topics-links and questions do not participate. And even the Inner Voice does not participate!) Published on Habr’s from 12:00 08.12.08 to 12:00 15.12 .08;
    - the topic should be an independent work of the author (texts, pictures, files from other sites do not take part; it is allowed to use other people's pictures only as illustrations);
    - the topic should be original, that is, first published on Habré (in this case, subsequent parallel publication elsewhere is allowed, it is not allowed to use old texts from your blogs);
    - the topic should not be a discussion of Habr, other Topical Media projects and the company itself, as well as the RMA company;
    - topics published in non-core blogs (“Humor on Habrahabr”, “Offtopic”, “Proverbs” and others) that are not directly related to IT topics do not participate in the competition;
    - employees of Thematic Media and RMA companies, their relatives, relatives of their relatives, as well as their virtuals are not allowed to participate in the FPPP program :)
    - the topic should become a leader honestly, i.e. no circumvention of rules, cheating using virtuals, hidden and open vulnerabilities are not welcome. We will follow!

    Next Monday in the lunch area we will contact the author of the best topic and inform him of all further instructions. Of course, if the author, for one reason or another, cannot attend the lecture, the right to visit will pass to the author of the next most popular topic.

    Let's go!