US President wants to take away the right to disable computer systems and servers

Published on December 26, 2010

US President wants to take away the right to disable computer systems and servers

    The president of the United States really has such a right, and the most unusual thing in this whole situation is that these rights were granted to the head of the country by the congress at a time when no one was thinking about the Internet or computer networks. The fact is that in 1942 Congress granted the President of the United States the right to manage telephone or telegraph networks in the event of “difficult” situations that threaten national security. In the wording of the law we see that it relates to almost any means or centers of wire communications. This summer, the administration of the current president of the United States said it was going to take advantage of the forgotten law in case of emergency.

    Some analysts even decided that the president could “turn off” the Internet in one fell swoop, which other experts consider to be delirium. Nevertheless, the US Congress is going to take away from the president the right to manage computer networks, as they say, "out of harm's way."

    In principle, now the US authorities consider it completely legal without trial, investigation, or at least a warning to the site owner to change the DNS records of a particular domain so that this domain stops working. Such actions are carried out on the slightest suspicion of "piracy" or a contradiction of the contents of the site to American law.

    And then there is the president with his right to “steer” the global Network, in any case, its American segment. The experts’ fears that such power can be used not for good but for harm are quite fair.

    In general, now in the United States there is a fairly powerful movement of human rights defenders that require updating a lot of laws that directly relate to the Internet, including the ill-fated law of 1942. Of course, the President of the United States does not have the “disable Internet” button, it simply cannot be. But the American segment of the Network and the capacities that are concentrated in it play a very significant role in the operability of the entire Network, so human rights defenders, you see, have reason to demand the repeal of the law on the management of "facilities and centers for wired communications."

    Let's hope that the rights of the president, and the US authorities, will indeed be limited in this.

    Via bbc