Grid's Third Law

Published on March 13, 2007

Grid's Third Law

    Stumbled upon.
    Grid’s third law: “When laying something in a computer, remember where you put it.”
    Interestingly, does this thing work in a grid network? In the same place, the file is spread out over a number of storages. Moreover, you can take it from anywhere in the grid. Why remember in which drawer of the bedside table I put my cookies if I remove it from any other bedside table?

    Probably, it will be necessary to reformulate the law as follows: “When laying something in the grid, remember what it was!” :)
    But I didn’t want to talk about that. For some time I thought, thought, thought ... and thought up that in the afternoon my personal computer wasting resources quite incompetently: I was at work. At night, too, but I sleep at home - and sleeping under the cooler howl and crackling HDD is not very pleasant.

    In general, there are several hours a day when my computer is useless. And I heard from the corner of my ear that you can rent it through the grid. A penny to a penny - you look, the rupe will run.

    I began to search. Honestly, I didn’t find it - the links are completely crooked, on different Matrix. Cyber ​​money and other rubbish, which, of course, has nothing to do with my goals.

    Maybe someone knows if there are programs that rent personal computing time using a grid connection, and offer some money for this?

    Along the way: if there are no such resources, or not in Runet, here on Habré such a topic could very well unfold. There are a lot of specialists from IT, the organizers are excellent in stock, there is marketing, and even financial specialists are present.

    We can stir up ourselves! What do you think, dear?