Why I won’t be successful

Published on February 24, 2009

Why I won’t be successful

    For some time I actively read books and articles about various methods of achieving success. These materials were completely different: brochures “How to Change Yourself in 10 Days”, articles on some Internet resources, books from the “Help Yourself” series, unpretentious psychology textbooks, notes by successful people.

    After reading, realizing, and trying something, I came to the conclusion: I will not be successful.


    I will try to state it systematically.
    Here's what I can’t do:

    Plan of the day
    I can’t plan my day! Everything is constantly changing. I didn’t have time to plan the washing on Saturday morning, when I met an old friend on Friday evening.
    I did not have time to decide to write a couple of unit tests, how urgently it is necessary to fix a bug to deme, which, by the way, is already today, because there is time 8 hours ago.

    Take and do method
    . I can’t get and do it! More precisely, it turns out to be done only once. Then somehow it is forgotten that you need to get up and do a run, call your parents, throw out the trash.
    Once almost it turned out to follow the advice, get up and quit work. Still glad that almost.

    Write all thoughts in a notebook
    I can not! The amazing thing: when the notebook is with you, there are no thoughts. But if this infection remained somewhere, then so much needs to be written down!
    But worst of all, when everything coincided: there is a thought and a notebook, you pull out a moleskin, a pen, write something and immediately notice the suspicious look of colleagues and friends. And then explain that it is such a method to become successful.

    SMART, SQ 3 R., CRC cards and P.R.O.Ch.
    These approaches do not work for me! These are different methods. For different situations. But every time I stumble on the same thing: how these letters are deciphered and how to squeeze the problem into this structure.
    While I remember what order I should write in, while I figure out how to describe the problem in narrow terms, I forget the original task.

    I can’t use a mental map! It turns out to draw. Only in the process of drawing all the forces go to drawing, and not to solve the problem.
    And to draw such a card together with a colleague is just awful: they argued a lot about what is the result of what and how best to arrange it all. Probably, we have very different mentality.

    Setting and analyzing goals
    I can’t decide who I see myself in 10 years and how to come to this! A couple of years ago, I could not imagine what I would do and where I would be now. And five years ago I was very afraid to fill up the mat. an. or not find a job by profession.
    But, honestly, the worst thing is to answer not only what the goal is, but also how to come to it. A dozen ways come to mind. And you know for sure that first you try one, it won’t work, you combine the first with the fifth and seventh, you try again, you’ll change something again. But there is no concrete plan.

    I can’t convince myself of anything! I can’t convince myself of anything!
    Seriously. I do not feel heat in my right leg. I really want, but I don’t feel. I can’t lie to myself that I’m smarter, more beautiful and more successful than others. When I pronounce these words, a little voice inside says: "who are you kidding?" Br-r.

    Rules of a successful person
    I can’t follow the rules of a successful person! Moreover, I don’t understand what it means to “think positively,” “treat everything with humor,” “surround yourself with smart people,” and so on. I not only constantly forget these formulas, but I cannot draw any conclusions from them. They must be too deep. Like the sound of the clap of one palm ... The

    correct dictionary
    I can’t use the dictionary of successful people! Well, you know, instead of “weather is a nightmare” you should say “yesterday the weather was better.” Or instead of “fool” say “ordinary abilities”. I probably can’t do it because, firstly, it’s easier to call a spade a spade, and secondly, it’s very easy to forget the “right” momentum. So it turns out "today his abilities are more ordinary than yesterday."

    The life of wonderful people
    I can’t use knowledge about the biography of successful people. Often I find a lot in common. However, I am always very different from this or that successful person: he graduated from Stanford, but I didn’t, he was lucky to meet a brilliant partner, but I didn’t, he managed to conclude a contract with a large company, and so far they haven’t offered me deals. Perhaps this will all happen to me. But it will be a completely different biography.

    Tests and lists
    I cannot use the results of tests and lists. Well, with the tests everything is clear to me. I can’t conclude that my personality type is INTJ. Honestly, I knew this without a test.
    But with the lists it’s a complete disaster: I’m compiling a list of “five things that prevent me from achieving my main goal”. I look at him. New thoughts do not appear. I already know all this. Just wrote on a piece of paper. Insight does not come.

    Something is probably wrong with me. I guess I can’t believe in the methods that have helped thousands of people. I guess I will never be successful.

    Will you become?

    UPD: Before answering this question, I highly recommend flipping through the comments. There are many interesting opinions and sensible thoughts.