Brain upgrade instead of school

Published on January 27, 2010

Brain upgrade instead of school

    There will be no pictures, just imagine that to the left of the text is a good brain slug.

    I really wanted to write a large article criticizing modern education from all sides, but recently there have been so many such discussions on Habré that I have gotten sick of tormenting readers with my writings.

    Instead, I will briefly outline one idea that is easy to understand, but very non-trivial to implement. However, the language does not turn out to be fantastic.

    It would be great to put each student in the head with a processor and a flash drive in order to upload a bunch of interesting things there. And the teacher would definitely know what was going on in the student’s head. It is a pity that this is a little unrealistic.

    But what if a student attaches a superstructure to the brain without craniotomy? Let it be some kind of external system that educates a person and controls his knowledge.

    Imagine a large educational site that includes the maximum knowledge accumulated by mankind. The main task of the site is to share knowledge with the student and remember how well the student has learned this knowledge. Any course, any lesson will require some level of understanding of the subject and will not allow a person who is not familiar with the multiplication table to climb into higher mathematics.

    If you have a soul to study biology, do it for at least months. No one will force you to solve physics problems. For this, there will be time later. Development must be natural and enjoyable.

    To achieve the result, the site must contain a knowledge base, training programs and knowledge control programs. The site will know exactly what and at what level you know. It will not overload you with information, but it will not be repeated once again. It will become an upgrade of your brain, will patch holes in your memory, will always be able to tell you something, and will make every day of your life a step forward.

    Imagine learning languages ​​with such a system. New words are explained to you on the basis of what you already know. At the same time, the site knows how many words you can remember per day, and does not try to give you more than it should. Before watching a movie, the site will analyze the subtitles and conduct a special lesson, where it will talk about new words and turns of speech with which you are not familiar. He will talk to you, increasing speed, but will not load you with new words, focusing on understanding spoken language.

    Either you understand the lesson and know it perfectly, or you need to chew something else. And the site will do it - he is patient. Instead of going over to the complicated theorems of geometry, the site will achieve an ideal understanding of the fundamentals of science. He will try a bunch of ways, but will bring to you the light of knowledge.

    In the comments, I would like to discuss the difficulties of implementing such a system and find out how you generally feel about such radical innovations. Indeed, in fact, I suggest everyone stick to the “matrix” for life. We are no longer able to break the habit of Wikipedia, to say nothing of more complex and more “user-integrated” projects. If something remains unclear, I will gladly add it.