Welcome to #PostgreSQLRussia November 3

Published on October 27, 2015

Welcome to #PostgreSQLRussia November 3

    On November 3, a meeting of #PostgreSQLRussia will be held in the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. This time, the main topic will be the transition to PostgreSQL from other DBMSs. In our country in recent years, more and more companies are moving from proprietary to open systems, in particular to PostgreSQL. This process has its own nuances, and each major project has something to tell about its migration experience. This information would be useful not only for those who still plan to switch to PostgreSQL, but also for experienced enough users.

    The meeting will be opened with a report by Pavel Luzanov from Postgres Professional. His presentation will be called PostgreSQL for Oracle Users . As the captain suggests, it is addressed to Oracle users who are interested in migrating to PostgreSQL. Both DBMSs are well compatible with the ANSI SQL standard, which will greatly facilitate the transition and adaptation. Paul will talk about some of the features of PostgreSQL that will help simplify migration even further.

    Ilya Kosmodemyansky , PostgreSQL-Consulting.com, will give a presentation on “Pragma autonomous transaction”. It focuses on offline transactions, which play a crucial role in migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Ilya will tell you what autonomous transactions are, in what cases they are used, how the work with them is organized in PostgreSQL, and what the PostgreSQL community is doing to implement full support for autonomous transactions.

    Speech by Andrei Kondrashov , Bank of Moscow, is called “ABS in a large Bank. Testing PostgreSQL. Experience with Ora2Pg. Assessment of Opportunities . Andrey will talk about the requirements for the DBMS and increase independence, about the experience of porting the core of the M-Bank ABS to PostgreSQL using Ora2Pg. Guests will also learn what to expect from PostgreSQL, what problems they might encounter and how to solve them.

    Then Dmitry Kremer , MIA “Russia Today” will speak (RIA Novosti). The topic of his report is “Building a News Web Application Based on PostgreSQL” .

    The meeting will be completed by Boris Veryugin , Diasoft Platform, whose presentation is entitled “Automated Application Migration from Oracle DBMS to PostgreSQL DBMS” . Boris will talk about the experience of migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL by Diasoft Platform and the Diasoft Database Adapter product designed for application migration.

    We would also like to draw your attention that mitape will attend a special guest - Momjian Bruce ( Bruce Momjian), co-founder of the PostgreSQL project, one of the leaders of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group (PGDG) and an expert at EnterpriseDB. The main product of the company, Postgres Plus Advanced Server, is an extended commercial version of PostgreSQL, designed to facilitate migration from Oracle DBMS.

    The meeting starts at 19:00. Collection of guests at 18:30. An online broadcast will be organized . Address: Leningradsky Prospekt 39, p. 79 (metro Airport). You must have a passport or a driver’s license to visit the meeting. Do not forget to register !