Gifts on the net, is it serious?

Published on February 21, 2011

Gifts on the net, is it serious?

    We want to not only tell the community about our project, but rather ask and clarify for ourselves what the audience of a mobile network is. It’s clear that the profile of the audience is not easy to draw, but in general, you can try to evaluate the audience of the mobile network using the example of our mobile application “iGifts”. Why did the question arise in this way? Because there are objective problems and they need to be addressed. And we need an answer to move on.

    Problem: There is a product, where is the demand ?!

    It’s probably worth briefly telling that the background of the issue is our creation of a gift service for iOS and Android.

    The goal of creating the product was of course to give out the product in demand, the gift theme should evoke some kind of feeling, and this is obvious. At the same time, there should be comprehensive success: both the product itself and gift shops, with the offer of which we were to encounter the broad masses of the mobile population. There is no point in hiding that the success of a product determines the success of a developer (in different ways).
    While we were creating a cataloging system and filling the base, there was some doubt about the value of those “cute” gizmos or services that are sold here and there. However, we still hoped that, on the contrary, both built-in games and information exchange services, as well as price diversity, would level the value of the gift platform for all layers of consumers, and each would have a gift.

    The revelation for us was the information that often the main buyers of gifts are successful and busy women who choose gifts and make a purchase exclusively from behind the wheel of a car. Did you know that the profile of a mobile audience built exclusively by young people, built by marketers, is incorrect. No, no and NO! The audience of the mobile network is exclusively determined by the level of income, and the highest level of income is among the older generation. Analysts say, “The representatives of the older generation are diverse, difficult to classify, and marketers often neglect them, concentrating efforts to promote goods, services and media among young people.” But it is there, but what about us? But the situation is completely opposite for us, and it generally reflects all the events of the last 30 years,
    So, after publishing several versions of the application, we want to appeal to the community with the question “what is the true value of the product”! If he is quite suitable for a representative with an average profile (set of needs), then where is he, the demand?
    How it was.

    There may not be anything new in a mobile aggregator, but such an advertising and informational application that combines game elements and standard catalogs has not yet been encountered. Or maybe there were, correct!

    The first version of the application was released before the New Year holidays. The step-by-step development of the product included the integration of the catalog server and its content. The idea was to give a gift offer narrow, but relatively full-bodied. And this is understandable, because a rare mobile user will repeatedly turn pages. Thus, the offer of material gifts, services, flowers, tourist trips, alcohol.

    Next came orders, later - built-in games, support for player lists and honor boards.
    Later, there was an opportunity to gather friends from the network and congratulate them directly from the application.
    But, I must admit, not one version of the application has achieved the desired effect. I must say right away that we did not give specialized advertising for the application, the product development was almost limited by the store. Or maybe it's a mistake?

    We did a lot of work to establish relationships with store uncles, which is, if not hard, then very long. After such work, the product does not want to be released at all.