Seagate Releases 10 TB Helium HDD

Published on January 14, 2016

Seagate Releases 10 TB Helium HDD

    Such HDDs are primarily intended for corporations, namely, for use in data centers. According to company representatives, the new 3.5-inch Enterprise Capacity will perform best in data centers that provide cloud services. The new HDD has 7 plates and 14 heads. The disc body is sealed, and helium is pumped inside to reduce turbulence, which increases the overall performance of the disc.

    Using helium, Seagate was able to increase disk density by 25% compared to air-filled HDDs. Such devices consume less energy, and their mass is less than that of "air" counterparts.

    Cloud-based data centers typically face the challenge of efficiently storing large amounts of unstructured digital data, ”said John Rydning, vice president of

    Seagate . Seagate is not the first to use helium to fill hard drive enclosures. earlier, the release of 10 TB HDD with helium inside said HGST, a division Western Digital. The company released its helium wheels back in December of last year .

    It looks like the inside of 10 TB of hard drive from HGST

    Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDDs are available with either 6Gbps SATA or 12Gbps SAS. As for MTBF, this figure is 2.5 million hours. Unfortunately, neither spindle speed nor read / write data are specified by the manufacturer. The price of disks is also unfortunately not yet indicated. But it is unlikely to be low. At HGST, the cost of similar models was $ 800- $ 1000 for 8 TB and 10 TB, respectively.

    Last year, Seagate introduced 8-terabyte HDDs filled with ordinary air. In these discs, the company uses SMR (shingled magnetic recording) technology to increase recording density.

    Data is recorded here on a disc very close to each other, there is practically no interval between tracks, as is done when recording by the usual method.