Megaphone Call Center in Kislovodsk

Published on February 05, 2012

Megaphone Call Center in Kislovodsk

    This post will be a kind of photo and video report on the visit, which took place on December 24, 2011, to the Kislovodsk call center of Megafon. Under the cut a lot of photos, the author of most of them is Alexei Baturin. Many of them depict pretty young women employees of the company. There will also be a video, unfortunately not of the best quality, but very interesting in content.

    I’ll say that this is not an attempt at a telecom operator’s communication, since in my opinion Megafon has many problems, but just a look behind the scenes of what is happening at the number +79282000000. The

    places in Kislovodsk are quite picturesque , and the climate is very mild, resort. People from all over Russia come here to relax, so working here is all the more pleasant.

    Glass corridor evoking associations with the Matrix. On both sides of it are the entrances to the "aquariums" - the halls in which the operators work.

    For some, the situation may seem a little dull =) But please note that this office is located in the region, far from Nerizinova. Therefore, we have such working conditions and such salaries are very rare ...

    Here is what another direct participant in the leon-web events writes :
    On Saturday I visited the KC (contact center) of the Megaphone in Kislovodsk. Amir amkadr invited as a blogger to see how it works. KC is, if simple, the place where the girls from the Stopitsot 0500 service are sitting. When you have problems with communication, or you just dumb, you call this number and get to them.
    120 people work “on the phone” (not all at once). They sit for 12 hours, listen to idiots of subscribers. About 17,000 calls are received per day in the CC. The guys and I decided that wonderful wives were brought up there, because they do not drip on the brain after work, and indeed they like to be silent. :) We were warmly welcomed, held around the premises, given the opportunity to listen to questions from subscribers.

    The incoming call does not come to the operator by accident. In the process of how you dial, the place where you are calling from is determined, what is your status as a client (vip / regular subscriber). When the girl picks up the phone, she already roughly knows what to expect from the subscriber. They say (c), there are still 10 men working there, but I have not seen them. Getting to work in KC, according to the director of the commercial service, is not at all easy. A potential employee is selected according to many criteria, even the timbre of the voice is taken into account.
    As I already said, there was an opportunity to listen to real questions of subscribers, they even offered to participate in the answer: to receive a call, to look for an answer together with the operator. But no one decided on such feats. But there was a case with us when a weakly speaking Russian person from the republic was interested in the operator:"Except that classmates don't work er . "

    Here is a typical operator’s place of work. The main thing in it is a special black telephone with a headset, which receives all calls from subscribers. The display shows the subscriber's number and its priority (yes, there are VIPs and they are served outside the general queue). On the computer, the consultant searches for help information on a special help portal for operators and manages subscriber accounts through special software. There is no direct interaction between the special communication tool and the computer of the operator.

    Another inghost blogger says:
    At first glance, it might seem that the work is very simple: answer a call, consult, enable / disable the service. But this is not so. Firstly, the call center serves the entire North Caucasus Federal District and the call flow is endless. At least I have not seen a single employee who would "go about their business." Imagine a few hours of non-stop conversations.

    The third problem is the technical illiteracy of many subscribers. Anyone can ask, even if it is from the realm of some kind of science fiction.

    The fourth and perhaps the most unpleasant is inadequacy. It doesn’t matter if this is a problem on the subscriber’s side, or if Megafon has a problem - obscene, talk about sexual acts with the operator’s mother and so on and so forth for any reason. And even so, you cannot send back. First, politely (!) Ask the subscriber to communicate normally, and if it does not help, again politely say goodbye and disconnect.

    There are a lot of calls, and if 8 years ago there were several operators and they had to know everything, now the smart system redirects subscribers to those employees who can give the most qualified answer to the most frequent questions of this subscriber. In general, everything is complicated :)

    It was a pleasant surprise for me when I found out that psychologists work with call-center employees to help overcome such stresses. The regular conduct of relevant classes is the norm.

    In the process of communication, another point became clear: the call center is the real forge of personnel. Talented employees there do not stay long for a long time, and usually rise to other departments.

    The very presence of several recreation areas and a kitchen, all the more so spacious - for jobs in the Stavropol Territory is very rare.