Torment Vox

Published on October 29, 2006

Torment Vox

    The second day I torment Vox . I like it so far. I decided to pee there in my broken English, but in general, everything is clear. In the sense, the idea is clear.

    This thing is wildly useful for media bloggers. And although I don’t relate myself to them yet (well, that is, I don’t take pictures of everything, I don’t shoot everything on video, etc.), it’s already obvious where the world is going. More precisely, it was obvious a year ago.

    And when my 6230 breaks down or gets lost ( I still don't see other reasons to change it to En-93 ), there will be more of me in Vox than in LJ. Maybe. For obvious reasons, I don’t have soap dishes, I don’t always carry a DSLR (I don’t know how to shoot videos, thanks to the eggs), and a mobile phone with acceptable photo and video quality for the web is a great option. Vobschem, En-93, Vox, webdvanol, friendship, chewing gum.

    Well, it’s clear that there are not enough pairs of chips from the position of the _approach_ to the content (which, I hope, we will have time to do before :-)

    And what is missing for me on trifles:

    - tree-like comments
    - groups of friends
    - an obvious opportunity to see who is reading you (non-obvious - there are)
    - drop-down tags
    - import from LiveJournal (although maybe I just didn’t find it)
    - + a Windows-based uploader - Publisher is not very convenient for me (a normal thick client or FTP will somehow be better)

    So sign up , try it. By the way, for me it has nothing to do with the story around the company "Sup". I don’t care, I love new services.

    * I deliberately do not abuse the neologisms "digital dust bin" and "digital mirror". We have been living in a world for quite some time now, where the default camera with a matrix (with a film - unless otherwise noted).