Microsoft goes to the "Strike"! Promo codes for those wishing to buy tickets

Published on April 19, 2016

Microsoft goes to the "Strike"! Promo codes for those wishing to buy tickets

    Friends, on April 22-23, the 5th international IT-conference “ Strike ” will be held in Ulyanovsk , which gathers experts from the world of information technologies in one place. We love this conference, attend and sponsor annually. This year, Microsoft traditionally took an active part in preparing the activities of several sections. Several Microsoft speakers will be waiting for you at the strike right away. The guest of the Management and Education section will be Nikolai Strakh , entrepreneur and tracker of the IIDF. On April 22 at 10:30 he will open the Strike with his report “Accelerator of IIDF and Microsoft: from a technological solution to a scalable business” , and on April 23 will hold a master class called

    “Digital Solutions Studios: Internal and Client Projects. How not to screw up and make money on a startup .

    Nikolai Strakh: “Conferences of this level are not only a storehouse of knowledge, but also an opportunity to discuss topical issues directly with colleagues, share your own thoughts and views. We know firsthand what difficulties entrepreneurs face when launching a new product. Many of them are able to effectively overcome and it is this experience that we will share with the participants of the Strike. We’ll tell you how, with IIDF investments and Microsoft support, to increase sales by a factor of just three months. ”

    Microsoft technology evangelist Gorelkina Maria will make a presentation in the mobile section with the report “DevOps and Mobile Application Development”. Maria will talk about the development of mobile applications in the DevOps paradigm and the capabilities of the Microsoft technology stack. You will learn the most interesting: from source control, to automatically submit a new assembly to the next stage.

    Several reports in the technical section will be made by Vladimir Yunev , senior expert on strategic technologies at Microsoft. On the first day of Strikes, in his report “Microservices + containers, trends, technologies, examples” Vladimir will talk about microservice technologies and related container technologies using the example of Docker. You will learn what new technologies Microsoft offers for the effective development of cross-platform microservices that work both in the cloud and in the local infrastructure.

    On the second day, come to listen to the report “Open source in the Azure cloud - how to efficiently launch and maintain high loads in the cloud in the LAMP and MEAN stacks” . As part of this report, the current state of Microsoft cloud technologies and the Azure platform for launching open-source solutions such as MEAN (MongoDB + Node.js) or LAMP (PHP + MySQL), as well as any others, will be examined. Want to know how a cloud platform helps reduce costs and increase product release speed? Come April 23 to the hall of the technical section.

    We will also be glad to see you at our booth, where you can ask your questions, chat and learn a lot of interesting things.

    For five years, the international strike IT conference has been gathering experts from the world of information technology. "Strike -2016" - this is 5000 participants, more than 150 reports from 130 speakers, master classes, afterparty. At the conference, reports will be presented in the areas of: digital communications, mobile development, backend and frontend development, highload, project management, e-commerce, etc. Everyone will find a lot of interesting things for themselves.

    Join now! Everyone will be at the "Strike".

    Especially for Microsoft subscribers and friends, there is a promo code for buying a conference ticket with a 30% discount - “MICROSOFT”. Hurry up, there are less than a week left before the Strike!

    You can register on the site - .