The recipe for instant solution to all problems when searching for an artist

Published on June 25, 2008

The recipe for instant solution to all problems when searching for an artist

    Today, once again, another person came in contact with me, wishing a "likeness of Habra." The next chaotic and sluggish conversation began about the state of affairs of an already existing project, the description of the “Wishlist”, which fits into the idea in three simple words (fasten the analogue of the hub).

    And everything would seem simple - write a short statement of work, indicate the requirements for the terms, describe the reward.
    Everything. Nothing more is needed. The proposed developer will ask a few clarifying questions, take a short pause for reflection, and give a concrete intelligible answer.

    But no. Life is complicated, cruel and chaotic. “Another person” will never fulfill the points indicated above, but will go around in circles, asking questions like “how do you like the project in principle? what do you think? ”and put off the question of remuneration until the very last moment (until the conversation freezes). Most likely the conversation is conducted in order to understand whether the performer is an idiot to a sufficient degree. Is it possible to hook him on his idea so that he fanatically and with a smile on his face writes everything in a quick manner.

    Memo to the tenant:
    1. If you can’t draw up a tiny TK and clearly describe your proposal (including material compensation), then most likely your project is just crap, and you are no leader.
    2. If you want to find an enthusiast, then most likely you will not succeed. There are a lot of you like that. And if even the idea itself (it should work for the idea) worked, then the situation would look like this: none of the programmers get any money and never work anywhere - everyone is busy with the embodiment of other people's fantasies. Just think for a second - is this possible?
    3. If you decide to adequately pay for the work, then (for God's sake!) Do not ask the question “How much do you want for this?” To the person whom you yourself went out to and who didn’t come to you with offers on the work. You ask the person to devote time to your project - you also offer the price. The programmer is not a businessman and such questions confuse him. Take an interest in it yourself if you are going to do it.

    PS (I’ll be sending people with such “suggestions” here)
    Of course, I’m already fucked up by your idea, my emotions overwhelm me and I tell you - “Yes! You are a genius! Of course, right now I will drop everything and start working on translating your idea into reality! For the sake of your ideas (which you cannot even describe in TK) I will give up both my work and my own project. ”