Blue Raspberry Pie Free

Published on March 05, 2013

Blue Raspberry Pie Free

    As you know, the Raspberry Pi celebrates its first anniversary. In honor of this, RS Components releases a limited batch of 1000 blue Raspberry Pi, which also comes with a certificate signed by Eben Upton (creator of RPi) and a pretty blue case. The party will not go on sale, but there is a chance to get the blue raspberry for free by winning it in the competition.


    To participate in the contest, you need to send a tweet with the hashtag "#bluepi", addressing it to @RSElectronics , and writing in it, WHAT wonderful thing can be done from this blue board. Each week, judges from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and RS Electronics will select ten people with the best ideas - and these ten people will receive a free set of blue raspberries.

    All this will happen for 4 weeks in a row , the first lucky ones will be known this weekend; then they promise some other events and draws. If you search using the #bluepi tag, you can see that 90% write something about the NAS and the media player, so there is a chance to win.

    PS By the way, I noticed that many call the raspberry wrong; the correct pronunciation is “Rasbury Pie”". Firstly, just like that - [pai] - it is read in English 3.14159 (they generally have a hard time with Greek letters); secondly, if we say “pi” , then the wordplay with “pie” (pie) does not work . Enjoy your meal!

    upd: in April, the Raspberry Pi Foundation begins selling raspberry cell cameras; the expected price of $ 25, based on OV5647 , is included in the CSI connector, resolution 5mpx 2592x1944, video 1080p30, 720p60 ... and so on . The camera module went into production and the developers want to give 10 cameras to people with the best ideas for their use. You can read in detail on the RPi blog , but in short - you have to write to March a detailed letter (in English) describing how you want to use the camera; link to any previous projects and any of your own code on github will be a big plus.