News, contests and initiatives for Windows Phone developers

Published on December 06, 2011

News, contests and initiatives for Windows Phone developers

    I want to briefly talk about the main activities in the field of Windows Phone, which are taking place at the moment. Some of these activities are carried out by us - wp7rocks, but there are many others.

    So, if you are an application developer for Windows Phone from Russia , then you can take part in the contest of New Year's applications. Organizer - Microsoft Russia, prizes - brand new Nokia Lumia. More details here .

    If you are a developer from Ukraine , then you can take part in the Ukrainian application contest for Windows Phone, organized by Microsoft Ukraine and the wp7rocks portal in honor of the anniversary of the latter. Prizes - phones running Windows Phone.

    More contests and promotions: hereand here from AdDuplex , a Windows Phone Jazz software project competition .

    Telerik offers its developers RadControls for Windows Phone 7. They offer two open source applications to demonstrate how to work with their controls: Tasks and Exchange Client . They also publish walkthroughs on how these applications were created.

    Another company Telerik published a document "How to sell your Windows Phone application." You can download the document here .

    You can also win a license for RadControls for Windows Phone 7 in exchange for one tweet .

    Another one of our initiative is “Hold Five!” 5 questions for developers of applications for the Phone the Windows! » . If you want to talk about yourself and your applications, answer 5 questions:
    • Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been developing mobile apps? Why did you decide to develop applications for Windows Phone?
    • Tell us more about your Windows Phone apps.
    • What can you tell about the development process, tools, etc.? What difficulties and problems did you have and how did you solve them?
    • How do you rate the odds of Windows Phone in the global market?
    • Your plans for the future.
    Send your answers to msugvn [at] and we will publish an interview with you.

    For developers, we run several series of articles: 31 days with Mango (Osman Gafarov, @osgafarov ), a series of articles on SQL CE (Mikhail Galushko, @devlanfear ) and we start another series on PhoneGap (Mikhail Galushko, @devlanfear ).

    Activity:We are also planning to hold another Windows Phone hackathon in Kiev soon. The report on the previous hackathon in Lviv can be read here . Wishes for format, theme, location, etc. please inform me in any way possible.

    And here's another note with a list of wp7 sites around the world.

    I really hope that our and not only initiatives will find their audience.

    Thanks for attention!

    PS If you have interesting links & news on Windows Phone initiatives, please share in the comments.