Icq6.5 vs everyone else: round two

Published on February 03, 2009

Icq6.5 vs everyone else: round two

    "... and everything will repeat as if old ..." A. Blok

    So, 13 days have passed since January 21, and everything seems to have returned to normal, but the audience calmed down and stopped storming the sites. Even this afternoon, we talked about the fact that the next influx of users, fortunately, will not be soon. And apparently they heard us ...

    The first message that something was not working came to me today at 18:13 Moscow time, but it started apparently a little earlier. The server behavior is still unclear, in addition, not all of them have applied the changes, but we can talk about the following things:

    • Sequence id returned
    • There is a check of the icq client version used at login
    • It is quite probable to check against capabilities sent to client capabilities, since the change of qip and miranda versions partially solved the problem
    • Sequence id check finalized
    • Some other checks depend on the result of the sequence id check

    In the case of Miranda, so far there have not been a single complaint about IcqOscarJ from the latest build (miranda-im.org lay down under the influx, relevant links , code ) and the newly reloaded icq +

    QIP developers report that the method we used does not help them but they found a different solution for themselves. The corrected version will appear any minute.

    This acts, as before, on the CIS countries

    We are discussing, as before, icq_stop@conference.jabber.ru

    UPD: a fixed version of QIP Infium
    UPD2 has been posted: the email agent developers have also posted corrections, although there have been no complaints so far