Microsoft is ready to market the “browser of life”

Published on April 26, 2007

Microsoft is ready to market the “browser of life”

    Such a small picture from the future: imagine you put the camera on a specially equipped table - and all digital photos are “laid out” before your eyes on the surface. Or another picture: your colleague’s three-dimensional hand suddenly appears above the table from across the ocean, which shows with your finger the photos you need and explains what to do with them. This is the concept of “surface computing”, which is implemented using a 3D projector, webcam and special software ( video ). Forgot what happened last week? LifeBrowser (the “browser of life”) will come to the rescue , which records all the events around: with whom they met, with whom they worked, which sites they visited.

    All of the above does not apply to science fiction at all. Life blogging and more are modern technologies, albeit not yet accessible to the public, but created only in the form of prototypes in the research unit of Microsoft Research.

    Recent research from Microsoft Research was featured at a recent Gartner Symposium / ITxpo conference. In particular, senior researcher Eric Horvits said that they have been testing the prototype of the program for life-blogging for several years and consider it simply an invaluable program: “The fact that people were not able to record all the events in their lives is a disaster, - said Horvits. “I would like LifeBrowser to be used everywhere in three to five years.”

    LifeBrowser is a conceptually new interface. All information is tied to a timeline on which it is very convenient to navigate in any year, day or hour. Microsoft researchers consider it crucial to store all data locally, and not on the Internet. In their opinion, this way a person will be able to better control them. On local home servers, the lives of all family members will be archived.

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