Gaming peripherals Tesoro. Champion set

Published on January 14, 2016

Gaming peripherals Tesoro. Champion set

    The iCover team continues to test gaming kits for computer gamers and e-sportsmen. Today we will describe our impression of the gaming periphery of the American manufacturer Tesoro, well-known in eSports .

    No wonder the article received the title “Champion's Set”, because a large number of e-sportsmen around the world chose Tesoro peripherals for themselves. The devices of this company are used by the Russian and Ukrainian champion teams Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) and Virtus.Pro, who have won more than one number of championships in various gaming disciplines.

    About company

    Tesoro was founded in the USA in 2010. And it has become one of the recognized world leaders in the production of gaming peripherals for e-sports. The company was the first to release a product with the ability to simultaneously press any number of keys, the first keyboard with full RGB backlight (TESORO LOBERA SUPREME G5NFL), as well as a number of devices where each key can be customized to the individual needs of the player. Not so long ago, the company released a new line of gaming mice with antibacterial coating. When developing its devices, the company places a strong emphasis on build quality and design sophistication. Devices pass many tests for “breakability”, so that in the heat of the day you do not smash your adorable mouse or keyboard - the best materials and components are selected. Above the design, even such a small detail as a mouse wheel, an individual worked. All this provides devices with the image of leaders in the field of gaming devices.

    Now consider the kit itself.

    The test involved:

    Gaming mouse - Tesoro Shrike H2L
    Gaming keyboard - Tesoro Durandal
    Gaming headset 5.1 - Tesoro Kuven Pro
    Gaming mat - Tesoro Aegis X3 Virtus.Pro

    The test was conducted on the games:

    Counter Strike GO
    World of Tanks

    Tesoro shrike

    Tesoro shrike

    The mouse is packed in a cardboard box, the kit also includes instructions and a set of weights for precise weight adjustment, in a separate plastic case (1 weight - 5g and 3 of 10g). It is equipped with a braided cable with a length of 1.8m (convenient if the system unit is deep under the table). The connector crowning the cable is gold-plated.

    The first thing that immediately attracts in this mouse is how it fits comfortably in your hand. It is perfect for any grip, all function buttons are easily accessible, but at the same time they cannot be pressed by accident (there were cases when I accidentally activated a macro in MMORPG that was not designed for this layout of the battle). On the sides are rubber inserts, so that the mouse does not slip in the hand. Convenient design and full backlight will make this device your favorite. Now about the functionality.

    This device has the highest sensor resolution of up to 8200dpi (there are 5 switchable modes in total), which allows you to extremely precisely control the movement of the sight. For macros, there are 8 programmable keys and 5 profiles for various games (in total 40 macros are available for you, this is an essential set for the player), and the device is also equipped with 128 KB memory, which allows you to save your customized macros when you connect the mouse to other devices. As a result, we get a comfortable and high-quality mouse that easily fits any game.


    • Interface - Wired (USB)
    • Sensor - Laser
    • Sensor Model - Avago ADNS-9500
    • Resolution, cpi - 400–5600
    • Number of buttons - 8
    • The maximum acceleration, g - 30
    • Maximum speed, inch / sec - 150
    • USB port polling frequency, Hz - 125/250/500/1000
    • Minimum response time, ms - 1
    • Internal memory, KB - 128
    • Cable length, m - 1.8
    • The possibility of changing the mass - (3x10 g + 1x5 g)
    • Case Material - Plastic / Rubberized Inserts
    • Cable Material - Nylon Braid
    • Backlight - multi
    • Leg Material - Teflon
    • Software - Shrike Gaming Mouse Configuration
    • Dimensions, cm - 12.4 x 7.5 x 4.2
    • Weight, g (without weights) - 100
    • Additionally - Weight adjustment system, ergonomic shape, fabric cable braid, creation of up to five profiles, built-in memory for storing settings

    Tesoro durandal

    Tesoro Durandal G1N

    Our next device is the keyboard - Tesoro Durandal G1N.
    Durendal - this name was the sword of Roland, the knight of Charlemagne. The legend says that inside the golden hilt of this sword are hidden the tooth of the Apostle Peter, the blood of Basil the Great, the hair of Dionysius of Paris and a piece of the robe of the Holy Virgin Mary.
    This model is the most affordable of the Durandal line, due to the lack of an additional palm rest, backlighting of keys, built-in memory and macros. Also, the functionality of simultaneous keystrokes for this keyboard is limited to 6th.

    The keyboard is packed in an impressive cardboard case (and the weight of the keyboard itself is impressive, more than one and a half kilograms) with a handle that resembles a suitcase. Inside you will find the keyboard itself and instructions. The device is made in black, on the bottom there is a stylized corrugated logo. Also in the upper right corner, made for stamped iron, you will find a illuminated logo and indicators of the use of function keys.

    Durandal G1N is equipped with a one and a half meter braided cable with a gold-plated connector. This model uses Cherry MX Black switches, which work almost silently (you can play at night without disturbing your loved ones), but at the same time have a significant resource of 50 million clicks. Personally, I liked that this model uses a long Shift - you will not miss. As a result, we get a high-quality and reliable model, but with minimal functionality.
    • Connection - Wired
    • Interface - USB 2.0
    • Number of keys - 104
    • The maximum number of simultaneously pressed keys is 6KRO
    • Resource of keystrokes, million - 50
    • Key Type - Mechanical
    • Switch Model - MX Black
    • Necessary pressing force, g 45–60
    • Changing the angle of the housing - yes
    • USB cable length, m - 1.5
    • Material - Plastic
    • Black colour
    • External interfaces - 1 x USB 2.0
    • Dimensions (with stand for arms), mm - 444 x 206 x 44
    • Weight, kg - 1.56
    • Features - Multimedia buttons, simultaneous pressing of 6 keys, gold-plated cable connector.

    Tesoro Kuven Pro 5.1

    Tesoro Kuven Pro 5.1

    An important part of team play and generally games in general is high-quality sound. And this is not only the sounds of the game itself and team negotiations, but also a high-quality microphone, which field commanders will especially appreciate, yelling at subordinates is easier and more fervent. All this gives us the gaming headset Tesoro Kuven Pro. The device is packed in a massive cardboard box with a stylized print, having unfastened the front panel, you can look at the headset itself and its external remote control, as well as read all the technical specifications. The device itself is fixed in a plastic case, which allows you to transport it without fear of damage.

    As a result, opening the package, we find:
    The headset itself, instructions, desktop volume control panel, cables for switching, the joy of buying a headset. Separately, it is worth noting the design of the device itself, futuristic smooth angles, a stylized half mask on each cup, backlight, Tesoro, as always, created an interesting and memorable design.

    Despite the large size, the headphones sit comfortably on the head. In order to connect them to a PC, I had to download drivers from the manufacturer’s website, we could also put them in the kit. In each cup of this headset there are 4 speakers that provide 5.1 sound, while the volume of each channel is adjusted separately using the control panel, which, incidentally, has a large and convenient volume control.

    I was able to hear 5.1 sound only after a long witchcraft with volume on each channel, as a result the sound turned out to be voluminous, but still did not reach the level of a full 5.1 system. The transmission of audio and voice itself is clear and clean, steps on various surfaces are easily distinguishable, the position of the sound source is also easy to determine. Separately, I note the microphone, voice transmission is clean and without distortion. The result is an ideal system for team play, but do not expect sound from it like in a home theater.

    • Black colour
    • Material - Plastic / Metal
    • Subwoofer - dynamic, Ø 40mm x 2 pcs.
    • Front / Rear Speaker - Dynamic, Ø 30mm x 4 pcs
    • Center speaker - dynamic, Ø 30mm x 2 pcs.
    • frequency range
    • Subwoofer - 20 Hz ~ 40 kHz
    • Front / Rear - 50 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    • Central - 50 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    • Nominal sound pressure level - 98 ± 3dB
    • Power
    • Subwoofer - 100mW
    • Front / Rear - 30mW
    • Central - 30mW
    • Resistance
    • Subwoofer - 32 ohms
    • Front / Rear - 32 Ohms
    • Central - 64 Ohm
    • Volume Control - Desktop Remote
    • Headphone cable length 1.35 m
    • Type of acoustic design - closed
    • Mount Type - Headband
    • Connection Type - Wired
    • USB Connector
    • Microphone - Built-in
    • Directivity - Unidirectional
    • Microphone Frequency Range - 100 Hz ~ 10 kHz
    • Resistance - ≤2.2 kOhm
    • Microphone Sensitivity - -44 dB ± 3 dB

    Tesoro Aegis X3 Virtus.Pro

    Tesoro Aegis X3 Virtus.Pro

    A well-chosen game mat is a guarantee of accurate positioning of the sight in shooters and more accurate sniper shooting.
    Aegis X3 Virtus.Pro comes in a cardboard tube, it holds its shape well, so when you remove the mat from the package, it immediately straightens. The design is made in the corporate style of the Virtus.Pro team - a bared polar bear on a black and orange background. The carpet itself is thicker than ordinary representatives of these accessories (height 4 mm). The work surface has a special 3d structure that allows you to clearly position the movement of the mouse. The edges of the mat are sheathed, which ensures its durability. In my opinion, this is one of the best accessories in its price segment.


    I tested this kit on the New Year holidays in the above games. For FPS, it came up perfectly, you can perfectly hear the sounds of steps, the keyboard works softly and at the same time you feel the press of each key. The mouse in combination with the carpet made me a sniper, and very quickly I began to aim my sight at the right place, shooting at long and medium distances. This set behaved perfectly also in the dynamic phase of the battle, when it was necessary to check every angle, and the shootings mainly took place at short distances.

    There weren’t enough macros in the keyboard, but I could get by with the macros on the mouse (mostly Fast Zoom). In WoT, this kit also proved to be at its best, in addition to the fact that, as I mentioned above, my teammates noted that the voice began to sound cleaner - nevertheless, the surround effect gave the game its charm. A mouse with a keyboard is ideal for controlling military vehicles. Together, we have a good set for both solo games and e-sports competitions. So I decided to leave this kit to myself, very quickly I stuck to it.

    All virtual victories in the coming year!

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