I'll give the project in good hands

Published on January 10, 2012

I'll give the project in good hands

    The project “And from our window” is dedicated to the rental of apartments in Moscow. Every day, the moderators manually select the three best apartments, which right now are being rented in the center for sane money, and also look for apartments according to individual requests. The service is useful and promising, with thoughtful mechanisms and well-established infrastructure. The project is looking for a new owner who wants to manage his own business, develop, improve and promote it.

    Project “And from our window”

    about the project

    To rent a good apartment in Moscow, you need to become a specialist in searches, study all the nuances, set up many filters on different sites and check them regularly - not everyone has the time and desire to do this. “And from our window” takes care of finding suitable options: on Cyan, boards without agents, live communities and all other sources. Our moderators (as a rule, girls from different parts of Russia) spend days on these sites and the first to notice all new relevant announcements, after which they contact the customer - by mail, skype or SMS. The client is left to go round the options and remove the one they like.

    The three best apartments of the day on the main page of the site are selected by the same moderators, using a cool, convenient admin panel. If a good and inexpensive apartment in the center appears on CIAN, it will certainly get to our website. This is not only a useful feature for tenants, but also a good mechanism for attracting new customers.

    To provide legal support, we are friends with a good trusted lawyer who helps to resolve difficult situations, and also travels with clients for transactions to verify documents.

    The project was launched in the spring of 2010, since then the concept has been revised several times, and in the end the most suitable model was selected. About how the service changed and developed, I spoke at the “404th Fest - 2010”: video.yandex.ru/users/miripiruni/view/5

    If you still doubt the usefulness of these services, here are a few reviews from our customers.

    Kirill Grishanin ( @rnbpart ):
    I used this service in November 2010. I had a very complicated "point" search. Despite this, every day I received at least one announcement. In less than 2 weeks, my problem with finding an apartment was solved. Without the guys, I would rather open my veins than I could move.

    Kostya Ivanov ( @phenix_h_k ):
    Excellent service when you need to find an apartment for specific parameters and there is no time to shovel 5-6 sites.

    - Quick search for suitable options
    - Response managers, you feel that a person is working with you, not a robot
    - Fast feedback.

    Thank you for your feedback and correspondence online .

    Rinat Menyashev:
    We recently moved to a new apartment at Park Kultury. We removed the treshka with large separate rooms for 45 thousand rubles / month, which is (at least) 5,000 rubles / month lower than the market. This is not luck, but the painstaking work of the aiznashegookna.ru service , which helped us find this treasure.

    Therefore, I highly recommend it to everyone. If anyone is looking for an apartment in Moscow, keep in mind - the service reduces the time spent on searching and reduces the monthly payment.

    Andrey Bronin:
    First of all, I really liked the attitude towards customers. I formulated the task of selecting an apartment from Yekaterinburg, and I was picked up enough options so that I would look at the apartments almost continuously for three days after arrival. Despite the fact that I did not know the geography of Moscow well and did not formulate the task very well, the guys quickly reacted and changed the selection criteria. In general, I really liked it. Thank!

    Pavel Popov ( @schmooser ):
    Great service! Within a couple of hours after the establishment of the application, they offered dozens of suitable options. Then the selection criteria changed - without any problems, we selected other options. In total, about 5-8 new apartments appeared per day, while with a manual search I found only 1-2 apartments.

    As a result, we settled on the option proposed on the second day, after 5 days we drew up a contract. Thanks a lot, I recommend it to everyone!

    Andrey Grigoryev ( @eigrad ):
    Great service. An inexpensive apartment in the right place was found in a day.

    Why am I breaking up with the project

    I am an interface designer and an information designer. I also rent an apartment in Moscow, but this is not my main activity. For quality work, the project requires attention and time: communicating with customers, tracking new sources, training and monitoring moderators, development and promotion. And on my mind only sites, interfaces, infographics and master classes.

    I am looking for a person who is ready to dive into the topic, understand the problems of tenants and devote myself to solving them. As an option, a team that is already working in this area and will be able to use my best practices. If such a person is found, he will not only benefit tenants, but also provide himself with a good stable income.


    It is important for me that the project falls into good hands: to interested, active and purposeful people. From those who wish, I am waiting for a letter with a short story about myself and about your plans for the development of the project. With the candidates you like, we’ll continue offline communication.

    Additional advantages worth writing about:
    - experience in the development and promotion of Internet projects (oneself or others);
    - acquaintance with the Moscow rental market;
    - Accommodation in a rented apartment in Moscow, experience with realtors;
    - the availability of free money for promotion and other small expenses;
    - IP or other officially registered legal entity. person for doing business;
    - willingness to pay a symbolic amount for the project, confirming the seriousness of your intentions.

    All these conditions are optional, but will be a good addition to the "burning" eyes.

    Send your questions and suggestions to Tana Misyutina: mail@infotanka.ru