Linus Torvalds announces Linux kernel 3.0

Published on July 22, 2011

Linus Torvalds announces Linux kernel 3.0

Original author: Benjamin Humphrey
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Linus Torvalds announced the release of the Linux kernel 3.0 in his Google+ profile after a short break earlier this week.

So what's new? Well, not a lot really. The new version included several new patches, some old trash was also removed, but, as Linus explained in the mailing list in May, version 3.0 will not include so many new things.

What about the big changes?

NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Of course, we have changes in 2/3 of the drivers, and many minor fixes, but the fact is that version 3.0 is * just * numbering, and here it was not planned to focus on support for KDE-4 or Gnome-3.

Nothing broke, but nothing radically new was added. We release time-based releases. If you need a reason to release the next version - the kernel is already 20 years old, here it is.

There are, however, some interesting new tidbits, such as Microsoft Kinect drivers, Cleancache support, drivers for open source graphics cards, including initial support for Intel Ivy Bridge, and many changes to open drivers for Intel, Radeon, and Nouveau.

The new kernel draws support for several old, rarely used functions, such as the Reiser4 file system, and, according to Michael Larabel with Phoronix, unfortunately, does not solve the energy-saving problem found in Ubuntu 11.04.

Of course, in Ubuntu 11.10, Oneiric Ocelot will indeed ship with a stable 3.0 kernel, but Jason Warner with Ubuntu Desktop Manager could not tell when. “I don’t know exactly when 3.0 gets into Oneiric, but it will be.”

Why then jump to 3.0?

Linus explains:

I decided to just bite the bullet, and name the next version 3.0. It will be released to the 20-year mark, which is an excuse for me, although, frankly, the true reason is only that I can no longer comfortably count to 40.

All renumberings were discussed at the latest Kernel Summit, but there were no plans take her this year. But let's face it - what is the point of being if you “cannot take a bike and repaint it without any discussion”? I made that decision, and just adopted the new version. You'll like it.

As usual, Linus provided a fun comment in his message on the mailing list, so be sure to check your mail.

PS Translation in some places is free, if somewhere there are errors or inaccuracies - write to the PM.